2023 Michael in Reno!

Dear friends,Michael is back in Reno at the Steamboat Hot Springs Spa starting September 8, 2023 If you would like to see him there, the phone # of Steamboatsprings.org is 775 853 6600My very best in Love and Gratitude,Michael

Michael In Reno, NV

Michael will be at the Steamboat Springs Spa by March 25, 2022.   He will be there until the end of April, 2022. If you would like to see him there, make an appointment with Steamboatsprings.org at 775 853 6600.  The desk will have his available times for your appointment!!!                            My very best in Love and …

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Energetic Healing Michael A Limacher 17 mins · Dear friends, the fall sun lowers itself upon this table as I write, the crisp air outside awaiting the snowflakes to come..We are preparing to leave beautiful Alaska once again… The time spent up here have been rich in powerful energies on a wide variety of levels …

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As time goes by!!!

Dear friends,    Once again  feeling the idea that I did begin writing  and here and now is the time to once again continue doing so…           Always thought it interesting that we can create another time just in remembering the past…  Perhaps it’s just to allow Meaning into all that is we accept as reality..   A …

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plantings seeds 2016

Hello friends,     With our new year just ahead lets look into the planting of seeds to form this new adventure !!! The seed already has all its potential  within it before we even  plant it…  Our thought of it allows this to appear and further grow  once we accept it’s own reality… In other words, …

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The As Is!!!

Dear Friends,    Let’s begin by looking into the As Is…  At a young age we were surrounded by and taught separation..  It soon became a world we operated within freely and continued to grow into it’s conscious being… This world has the fascinating power of the I Am, we are isolated within our being projecting …

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