Country Joe and the fish

Wonderful winter solstice dear friends as our beautiful earth tips upward rising toward our brilliant sun as it evenly turns itself with high energy rotations… Always wondered why so few understand our home and its movements about our planetary spaces we live in… Just beginning to understand it is a enlightening experience… Try it soon, put more breath in your step,love in the heart… Michael

1 thought on “Country Joe and the fish”

  1. Yes! Your question is an interesting one – I suspect the level of connection and spiritual evolution of the souls involved is why so many do not pay attention to the Natural world, and the changes of the season.

    The cultural subscription to the Illusion of Separation – that humans are somehow separated from all other things. The idea that all things in the cosmos have consciousness – stars, galaxies, planets all the way down to microbes and molecules and sub-atomic particles – is foreign to most people.

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