plantings seeds 2016

Hello friends,     With our new year just ahead lets look into the planting of seeds to form this new adventure !!!

The seed already has all its potential  within it before we even  plant it…  Our thought of it allows this to appear and further grow  once we accept it’s own reality…

In other words, we allow the seed form to find  our complete us in whatever pattern it chooses…  We follow it’s energies using the As Is model, allowing our complete self to absorb it’s powers…  Once it finds that your growing with this, it will not want to disappear from you,,, as it will  when using  your exterior trained judgments of it…

Some  2016 ideas  might be useful…

The 50/50,           Exploring the idea of there being so much more within us all!!!

The 6th Sense,      What it allows us and why it’s rarely used!!!

1+1=2,             What happened to most of use when we believed this!!!

If anyone wishes to add more ,feel free on the comments, thank you!!!

As Ghandi once said ” Be the change you want to see in the world  ”          My best Michael